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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Chris Wallace

Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace Battles Evil Short-Stackers With Math and Logic

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Dec 25, 2009


Event: Full Tilt Poker no-limit hold’em online cash game Players at the Table: 9   Stacks: Fox – $336; Villain1 – $209; Villain2 – $36 Blinds: $1-$2 Fox raises to $6 from middle position with the A J. Villain1 calls from the button. Villain2 shoves all in for $36. Craig Tapscott: I hate it when that happens. Short-stackers are all over the tables online these days. Some are excellent players with a plan, but most are horrible. Let’s break down all of the factors that go into battling these pesky short stacks. Chris “Fox” Wallace: Sounds good. The stats I had on him were indicative of a fairly typical short-stacker. This gave me reason to believe that he would be pushing with a wide range. I also knew that the other big stack behind me was a solid player, which was very important to this hand. CT: What’s an advantage of ...

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