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Triple-Draw Lowball: Part VII

Fourth-round strategy

by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: Dec 25, 2009


My last column in this series discussed third-round strategy. Here, we’ll get into fourth-round strategy. Fourth Round You’ve drawn three times to your hand — or stood pat on one or more rounds — and now you have the hand that will be shown down, or folded. Perhaps more mistakes are made on this round than any other. Players bet hands that they shouldn’t, don’t bet hands that they should, don’t raise when they should, fold when they shouldn’t, and call when they shouldn’t. This column and the next discuss the last round of betting: • Playing a 7 • Playing an 8 • Playing a 9 • Playing a worse non-pair hand • Playing a pair Playing a 7 If you are first and have a 7, any 7, whether you drew or were already pat, bet. You’ll see players check a 7 here against one or more pat ...

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