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Video Replay

A controversial hand

by Mike O Malley |  Published: Oct 30, 2009


An interesting hand, and ruling, took place recently at the EPT event in Barcelona. The great thing about this particular situation is that it was videotaped, which usually isn’t the case when it comes to interesting decisions. I love the fact that we as a poker community get to see some unique situations come to life via video. The discussions that followed this particular situation were interesting, as every armchair tournament director voiced an opinion regarding what the correct ruling should have been. It’s too bad that all such rulings aren’t videotaped from table level; we could have tournament directors going to the replay, as referees do in the NFL. Here was the situation (search “Roland DeWolfe and Tobias Reinkemeier” on YouTube to see the video yourself): Roland DeWolfe and Tobias Reinkemeier were the only two players involved in the hand on the river. On a board that read A 10 7 9 ...

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