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Generation Next -- Darryll Fish

Darryll Fish Will Confuse You

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Oct 30, 2009


Many of the successful online tournament professionals tend to have a robotic, similar style of play. While playing 15-20 tables simultaneously, there’s not much metagame going on. There’s no time for reading table conditions, crazy moves, or subtle mistakes of weaker opponents. A great player should be able to play most any style — tight, loose, crazy, or solid — based on how his opponents are playing. Darryll Fish, 23, comes from a strong cash-game background. He’s used to playing more flops and finding tricky ways to freeze or confuse opponents. “You need to open your mind and do things that people aren’t expecting,” said Fish. “Most of the good players have the same style of play. If you can do different things that people won’t know how to react to or expect, you’re adjusting and staying one step ahead of the game.” Fish recently capitalized on the confusion principle ...

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