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Valuing the Blocking Bet

by Mike Watson |  Published: Oct 30, 2009


Game: World Championship of Online Poker $300 no-limit/limit hold’em Opponent: Unknown passive player on the button Stacks: 198,710 (mine); 135,841 (his) Blinds: 1,250-2,500 Ante: 325 My Cards: Q Q My Position: Cutoff It’s always nice to look down at pocket aces deep in a tournament and have your opponent pick up pocket kings on the same hand, but let’s face it, that rarely happens. If you want to make your way up the tournament ladder, you need to practice extracting value with less-than-premium holdings. In this column, I’m going to look at a great way to extract some value post-flop with a marginal hand by using an underutilized move: the blocking bet. A blocking bet is one in which you make a small bet out of position with a marginal hand, hoping to prevent (or “block”) your opponent from making a big bet and bluffing you out of the pot. ...

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