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Develop your “discipline muscle”

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Oct 30, 2009


The Aug. 17 issue of TIME Magazine contained a provocative article titled “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin,” by John Cloud. His basic argument is that exercise has not proven to be a reliable method of weight loss. He contends that this is probably due to a combination of two factors. The first is that exercise burns calories, and therefore makes us hungrier. The second is that we feel entitled to reward ourselves for exercising. The combination of additional hunger and seeking a reward leads us to consume more worse things than we normally would eat. Among the studies supporting this theory is a paper in which the authors observed that “self-control is like a muscle: it weakens each day after you use it.” Why is this important to gamblers, in general, or to poker players, specifically? It is clear that self-discipline is one of the most important traits required ...

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