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Triple-Draw Lowball: Part VI

Categorizing opponents, and third-round strategy

by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: Oct 30, 2009


The last installment of this series discussed second-round strategy. In this column, I’ll discuss categorizing your opponents, and third-round strategy. Categorize Your Opponents Before you get much further in this triple-draw game, take notes on your opponents. I use the following classifications: • Tight-aggressive: This is the winning persona to adopt. This player is in a pot with what usually figures to be the best hand for the situation. That may be a pat hand or a good draw, and he bets in preference to checking and raises more often than calls. He also can be quick to get out when a good draw turns sour or he’s otherwise likely to be taking the worst of it. • Loose-aggressive: The player who fits this description will cause your bankroll to undergo a lot of change via variance. This player bets and raises at every opportunity with anything he considers a ...

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