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Luck Versus Skill in Poker

by Justin Marchand |  Published: Oct 30, 2009


Is it true that poker is a game of skill? This question was very popular in the past month or so with the courts and also the press. First, a long legal battle in South Carolina over that very question appears to have come to a close. It’s a case that Card Player has followed closely since five poker players were arrested in a home-game raid back in 2006. The judge in the case said, “Texas hold’em is not gaming or gambling,” and that it was clear to him that poker is “a game of skill,” as opposed to “a game of chance.” For more details, see Page 24. Next, George Will wrote a great editorial in the Washington Post in August that pressed the skill argument and provided the general public with an introduction to poker and its logic, probability, and game-theory foundation. Will concluded his column by stating, ...

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