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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Jason Koon

Jason Koon Makes a Mistake Preflop and Trusts His Read to Lay Down Turned Trips

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Oct 30, 2009


Event: UltimateBet $1,050 no-limit hold’em tournament Players: 126 First Prize: $39,750 Finish: First Players at the Table: 9 Stacks: Novasky – 4,415; SCOTTYTHEFISH – 5,125 Blinds: 20-40 SCOTTYTHEFISH limps in, as does Villain2. Novasky raises to 120 with the A J. Craig Tapscott: The first thing I notice is that you’re facing a tough opponent I’m very familiar with, as Card Player featured him recently. Jason “Novasky” Koon: Yes. SCOTTYTHEFISH is Scott Sitron, a very solid player who is ranked online and has a second-place finish in a World Series event. CT: Explain your strategy this early in a big tournament and with such deep stacks. JK: We start the hand with roughly 110 big blinds. This is very deep for an online MTT [multitable tournament]. I’m looking to flop huge and get tons of chips in with massive draws and sets at this stage of the tourney. Hands like ...

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