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Capture the Flag -- Eugene Katchalov

by Kristy Arnett |  Published: Oct 30, 2009


Eugene Katchalov has almost $4 million in tournament winnings, but he’s been a consummate cash-game grinder throughout his poker career. After graduating from New York University with a degree in international business and finance in 2003, Katchalov became a regular in New York City’s underground games, and steadily built from there. He now plays in high-stakes games both live and online, under the screen name “MyRabbiFoo.” Kristy Arnett: When you started out playing low-stakes no-limit hold’em in New York clubs, were you successful immediately? Eugene Katchalov: No, I don’t think I was winning [laughing]. I remember that I played very tight. I waited for some people in the game who gave a lot of action. KA: How did you learn to become a winning player? EK: Besides experience, the way that I improved my cash game was by watching a lot of high-stakes cash games online. You don’t get to ...

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