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Do You Need a Poker Support Network?

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Mar 05, 2014


If you just play for fun, you don’t need a support network, at least not for poker. If you’re serious about poker, you do, even if your results are financially irrelevant. Because serious players are so competitive, losing $200 can frustrate a millionaire almost as much as it would trouble you or me. Machismo Is Your Enemy. The need is so obvious that I wonder why everyone doesn’t build a network. There are at least two reasons. First, they don’t know how. My next column will give step by step directions. Second, poker is a macho game with a macho culture. It appeals to independent, intensely competitive people, not “team players.” We keep score by how much we win or lose, get a special kick from successful bluffs and traps, respect “heart,” and feel contempt for “wimps.” Machismo causes a few deluded players, usually men, to believe, “You may need support, ...

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