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Irrefutable Southern Logic - Trust Your Neighbor, But Brand Your Cattle

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Mar 05, 2014


Recently at the Borgata, an incident occurred in a tournament with more than 4,000 runners and a prize pool of more than $2 million when more than one million in extra tournament chips showed up at the end of day 2. Twenty-seven players remained. The tournament was suspended indefinitely and an investigation was launched. It seems that the chips were counterfeit and worth 5,000 each, meaning that the cheater introduced over two hundred fake chips into the game before being discovered. In this column I will discuss cheating in modern poker, how to spot it, and what we can do to prevent it. As long as there have been games there have been cheaters. The biggest reason that people continue to cheat is because cheaters believe their reward for cheating is greater than their risk of getting caught. Casinos have always fought cheaters and have gotten very good at it ...

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