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Showing Strength

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Mar 05, 2014


“I know you have it, but I can’t fold this.” How many times have you heard your opponents say something like that? Probably you’ve even said it yourself a few times, in your head if not out loud. The truth is that most people have trouble folding strong hands. No matter how clearly the writing is on the wall, people just can’t believe they’ve been coolered, and they insist on seeing it for themselves. My theory is that when they see strong hands, poker players get emotionally and psychologically invested in them. Instead of thinking about what their opponents might have and what the best play would be, they start fantasizing how much they are going to win. By the time they see the signs that they are beat, it’s too late to change their mental course. Regardless of the reasons for it, this tendency has some important implications for ...

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