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Head Games: How to Avoid Tilt and Deal with the Ups and Downs of a Poker Life

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 05, 2014


The Pros: Jonathan Little, Tim West, and Noah Schwartz Craig Tapscott: What are some good ways to deal with tilt at the poker table that have worked for you long-term? Jonathan Little: I firmly believe that in order to control tilt, you have to figure out what tilts you and why. For example, some players get upset when they get unlucky, some get mad when the dealer makes an error, and others get angry when they make a mistake. The reasons for tilt are endless. I personally get somewhat tilted when I do something that is blatantly dumb, at least in my mind. In order to deal with this at the table, I write down the hand and make a point to forget about it until I review all of the hands from my session once I am done playing for the day. I then figure out why I went ...

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