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Folding K-K Preflop

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Mar 05, 2014


I don’t usually write about spots that come up infrequently, but I recently witnessed this hand that I thought was fairly entertaining. Everyone started with around 150 big blinds. Player A in first position raised to three big blinds, Player B, a good tight aggressive kid in second position, reraised to 8 big blinds and Player C, a mediocre loose-aggressive kid in third position, four-bet to 22 big blinds. Player A folded, then Player B five-bet to 42 big blinds. Player C elected to six-bet to 68 big blinds only to watch as Player B decided to go all-in. Fun stuff! Player C, who was currently getting 3.7-to-1 pot odds, meaning he needs to win 27 percent of the time, proudly flipped his K-K face up and folded. While I am all for making big folds when they make sense, in this situation, even though Player B will have A-A ...

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