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More About Bluffs and Bluffing: Part II

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Mar 05, 2014


In my recent column on bluffing, I wanted to give you some guidance as to whether you were bluffing too often or not often enough. In order to start this process, I gave you a “mission.” This was your mission: For the next few weeks, when you decide to bluff, always bluff the same percentage of the pot. (I’d recommend all your river bluffs be 75 percent of the pot.) Try to track how many bluffs work, how many fail, and your net winnings or losing on those hands. Hopefully this was not a Mission Impossible. Now let’s look at what your results mean. (If you didn’t undertake the mission, why not start now?) Assuming you bet 75 percent of the pot as a bluff on the river, you need to win 3/7 of your bluffs to break even. 3/7 is around 43 percent. To illustrate this, if the pot ...

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