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Head Games - Paying Attention to Stack Sizes in Tournament Play

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Dec 24, 2010


The Pros: Tom Marchese, Andrew Lichtenberger, and Jeff Madsen Craig Tapscott: What are you paying attention to the most in regard to the stack sizes of your opponents when you open-raise preflop? Tom Marchese: I think you should break down opponents’ stacks into one of three categories:   Extremely short stacks (5-12 big blinds): These stacks are going to be looking to get all in a lot. Unless they are very tight players, you don’t want to raise with very many hands that will be unable to call a shove, mainly because you will rarely get a fold. Short stacks (15-25 big blinds): These stacks are forced to either go all in against your preflop raise or fold. Because of this, you should have a hand that can call a shove versus all or some of your opponents. So, while you might look down at a hand such as J-10 suited ...

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