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Big Blowup Hand at the World Series of Poker

An overplayed A-7 offsuit

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Dec 24, 2010


With three players remaining in the 2010 World Series of Poker main event, there was a ton of money and an ocean of prestige at stake. First place paid $8,944,000; second place, $5,546,000; and third place, $4,130,000; plus, the winner would be declared the 2010 “World Champion of Poker.” Joseph Cheong (82 million in chips), Jonathan Duhamel (76 million in chips), and John Racener (30 million in chips) were the last three standing. In my eyes, Cheong had by far played the best poker of anyone at the final table. His timing was perfect for almost 12 hours of final-table play. All of his raises and reraises had won him uncontested pot after uncontested pot. Thus, he had picked up literally millions in chips without ever being called! Clearly, everyone at the table was afraid of him, and all he had to do was avoid playing a huge pot with ...

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