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Generation Next - Reid Young Asks All the Right Questions

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Dec 24, 2010


After two years of premed classes at Wake Forest University, Reid Young decided that 12 more years of school just wasn’t a road that he wanted to travel. While growing up, he had always been curious about how and why people think the way that they do. So, a degree in philosophy seemed like the most appropriate choice. It also fit quite well with a new hobby of his — poker. At college, Young enjoyed in-depth discussions about poker strategy and game theory with a group of friends who played online cash games. He’d discovered poker in high school during Chris Moneymaker’s fairy-tale World Series of Poker victory on ESPN. And like most young players, he read as many strategy books as he could get his hands on. But he still thought something was missing. So, he started to approach the game by focusing on how to think during a ...

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