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The Scoop With Billy Baxter

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Dec 24, 2010


Billy Baxter is a seven-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner who was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2006, and he is widely thought of as being a legend of the game. Baxter stopped by the set of The Scoop to discuss his interesting relationship with another legend of the game, Stu Ungar. Diego Cordovez: One thing I thought was interesting was that even though you play big and have a lot of heart, you have always been very serious and conservative as a person, paying your taxes and managing your bankroll. But you are also well-known because you backed Stuey Ungar when he won the World Series, and at other times, and he is almost the antithesis of your approach to life. Billy Baxter: Absolutely. Adam Schoenfeld: Oh, he is the opposite of you in many ways. DC: You might be similar in playing styles, but ...

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