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An Important Poker Rule

The best hand should win the pot

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Dec 24, 2010


I recently received an interesting rules question via e-mail from a fellow in Ireland who runs a poker game there. “I run a small poker club in Dublin, Ireland, and have a small but loyal group of customers. If you could find the time, I’d like your answer to this: It’s at the showdown, and there is no more betting. Player A gently throws his cards facedown onto the table. The other two players place their cards faceup, at which time Player A stops the dealer from taking his cards, then turns them faceup, revealing the winning hand. Both of the other players insist that Player A has folded and cannot claim the pot. Player A says that he mistakenly placed them facedown, and believes that he has won the pot. Based purely on the rules, what should the right decision be? I would really appreciate any insight that you ...

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