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Erik Seidel Enters Poker Hall of Fame

A Quiet Superstar’s Great Career

by Stephen A. Murphy |  Published: Dec 24, 2010


With an adolescent rebel-without-a-cause attitude, a young Erik Seidel terrorized the Manhattan subways with other delinquents and their array of spray cans. He trespassed on forbidden grounds, often running from cops and other authorities to avoid getting into trouble. It seems almost preposterous to imagine now, but one of the most soft-spoken and polite players on the poker circuit, and the most recent Poker Hall of Fame inductee, used to be kind of a badass. “We got into various kinds of trouble,” said Seidel with a laugh when asked about his childhood and group of friends. “Luckily, I don’t remember anything too disastrous.” Yes, this is the same guy who Doyle Brunson said has “the best all-around disposition of anyone in poker.” Ask practically any of the big-name pros what they think of Seidel, and the answer will almost always be glowing with praise, both about his character and his ...

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