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Preflop Raises in Limit Hold’em: Part III

To win the blinds

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Jul 09, 2010


In the last issue, we began examining the following list of reasons for raising before the flop: 1. To build a pot 2. To win the blinds 3. To gain position 4. To gain control of the post-flop betting 5. To isolate an opponent 6. To create a false impression Here, I will continue the discussion of reason No. 1, then I’ll move on to reason No. 2. To build a pot (continued) In the blinds: There is good news and bad news about making preflop pot-building raises from the blinds. Everyone who’s already committed to the pot is highly likely to call the raise, so your play will not have the effect of eliminating players. You will be out of position for the rest of the hand, which will make subsequent rounds harder to play effectively. Someone who limped in from early position may have slow-played a huge hand ...

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