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Some iPad Apps, Beer Pong, and the $50,000 Players Championship

A busy time of the year

by Todd Brunson |  Published: Jul 09, 2010


It was a busy week for me recently. First, I had to write a script for my father and myself for a 90-minute app for the iPad and iPhone, which should be out at about the time that you read this. I think the name we settled on was “Brunson Poker — No-Limit Hold’em,” but it might be “Super System Poker — No-Limit Hold’em.” Anyway, whatever the name, it’s gonna be good. It will cover position, starting hands, physical tells, betting tells, reading players, bankroll management, trapping, stack sizes, and much more, including a few stories from my dad about the old days. This will be part of a series called “Get in the Game!” It will include the greatest players from every sport — Joe Montana, Pete Rose, Peyton Manning, to name a few. Several basketball greats are in negotiations now, including some from today and yesteryear. Check it ...

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