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by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jul 09, 2010


All Inbox with Hoyt Corkins In Card Player TV’s show All Inbox, fans can get advice from the world’s most successful poker pros by sending their questions to In this edition, Hoyt Corkins answers questions regarding his start in poker and his favorite kind of cash game. Jen K. from Orlando, Florida: When did you first learn to play poker, and how long did it take you to became a pro? Hoyt Corkins: I learned to play poker when I was probably about 10 years old, and I turned pro right out of high school, when I was 18. Card Player TV: It must have been tough to get into Vegas games. HC: I came to Vegas in 1979, and I was underage when I started playing at 19. I played mostly at the Stardust, and right here (the current site of Bellagio), where the Dunes was located; I ...

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