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Making them is not an automatic play

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Jul 09, 2010


I never heard the term “continuation-bet” used in the 20th century. I first encountered it in one of Dan Harrington’s poker books, but don’t know who coined the term. However, the concept of the continuation-bet has been around probably as long as the game itself. A continuation-bet is a flop wager by the preflop raiser. The preflop raiser has “said” that he thinks he has the best preflop hand. Hold’em math says that in a heads-up confrontation, whoever is ahead before the flop is likely to still be ahead after the flop, because any hold’em hand is going to improve no more than about a third of the time. So, the continuation-bet by the preflop raiser asks a simple question: “Did your hand improve on the flop?” The implication is that if the opponent’s hand did not improve, the preflop raiser is still ahead. The continuation-bet math is relied upon ...

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