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Generation Next -- Tom Marchese

High-Stakes Cash-Game Pro Tom Marchese Storms the Tournament Circuit

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 09, 2010


Tom Marchese savors a challenge. So, when 2010 rolled around, he decided to give a little more time and effort to his curiosity about live tournaments. He’d already made his mark in the nosebleed cash games, playing an aggressive, balanced, and mistake-free style that baffled opponents. Conquering tournaments seemed like a logical progression. What appealed to Marchese was the deep-stack play of the early stages of a live event. He could target the weaker players and apply pressure post-flop, and use discipline and patience when facing tougher, more aggressive opponents when out of position; these were two of the skills that he brought from cash games. “I think I’m a better post-flop player than the majority of players on the live circuit,” said Marchese. “I can take advantage of that in many situations by seeing a lot of flops in position, and hopefully make fewer mistakes than my opponents. In ...

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