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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Vanessa Peng

Vanessa ‘PrincessDonk’ Peng Looks Inside Her Opponents’ Heads

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 09, 2010


Event: Full Tilt Online Poker Series heads-up no-limit hold’em Buy-in: $500 Players in the Event: 1,024 First Prize: $89,088 Finish: Third Hand No. 1 Blinds: 25-50 Players at the Table: 2 Stacks: “PrincessDonk” – 4,218; Villain – 1,782 Craig Tapscott: Set up the match so far for us. Vanessa “PrincessDonk” Peng: The villain in the hand appears to be a 25¢-50¢ to $2-$4 heads-up and shorthanded cash-game player. I believe that this is my fourth heads-up match of the event so far, and we’re in the money. Up until this hand, the villain had been losing and trying hard to regain momentum in the match. He had been taking many nonstandard lines and had been very tricky and aggressive. PrincessDonk raises from the button to 100 with the 2 2. CT: Why the min-raise [minimum-raise]? VP: Min-raising is the best option, as the villain has a very high three-bet frequency. ...

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