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More Questions From Russia

Losing streaks, “collective tilt,” and more

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jul 09, 2010


Readers of Russian translations of my books, Your Worst Poker Enemy and Your Best Poker Friend, had some questions, and the publisher translated them for this Q&A column. Question: Losing streaks make me feel like a big failure. How can I overcome this feeling? Answer: Become more realistic about poker, and don’t take it too seriously. 1. Losing is an unavoidable part of poker (and life). Even great players lose about one-third of the time, and they accept that losing streaks are just part of the game. 2. If you can’t accept poker as it is, including all of its frustrations, don’t play. 3. Learning how to handle losses is one of poker’s most valuable lessons. David Sklansky and I included this lesson in “Poker is Good for You,” the appendix of our new book, DUCY? (It stands for “Do You See Why?”) 4. Poker is a game, not your ...

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