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Assessing Your Comfort Level

Be completely comfortable with your current game

by Ed Miller |  Published: Aug 21, 2009


Are you ready to move up to higher stakes? How can you know when you are? These questions are on the minds of most serious players at least some of the time. Conquering your current game and moving on to bigger and better things is the goal of most players. Most discussions about moving up that I see cover two topics: win rate and bankroll. If you’ve achieved such and such a win rate over so many hands and have at least X number of buy-ins in your bankroll, go for it! Win rate and bankroll are obviously important factors, but others are important, as well. In this column and my next two columns, I’ll discuss some of these other factors; here, it’s assessing your comfort level. Money Comfort Before you move up, you should be very comfortable in the game you’re currently playing. The first key to being comfortable ...

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