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Three Tough Hands in the World Series of Poker Main Event

Poker doesn’t always go smoothly

by Matt Matros |  Published: Aug 21, 2009


For the sixth straight year, I had the privilege of playing in poker’s world championship this summer, as I entered the World Series of Poker main event, along with 6,493 other title hopefuls. I drew a tough table, but I still liked my chances of getting through the first day with a reasonable stack. It didn’t work out that way. Let me tell you about three hands that helped lead to my undoing. Hand No. 1: The blinds were 50-100, and my stack size was 28,000. I opened from early position for 250 with pocket queens. The player three to my left, who had yet to play a hand at all, reraised to 700. It was folded back to me, and I called the 450 more. With 1,550 in the pot, we saw a flop of J-10-8 rainbow. I checked, and my opponent bet 1,000. I called. The turn brought ...

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