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Generation Next -- Hayden Fortini

Hayden Fortini Revealed

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Aug 21, 2009


“Who is Nipsman?” As spring spun into summer, no one knew. The forums were ablaze, speculating (albeit tongue in cheek) that he possessed X-ray vision and was able to see everyone’s cards. “He’s a computer bot.” Surely, that must be the answer. How else could Nipsman emerge from the ethers of cyberspace to kill it online, cashing for more than $100,000 so quickly. More speculation arose. “Is Nipsman for real?” An in-depth investigation was launched. Of course, no bone goes unchewed when the Internet forum pit bulls are rabid to uncover a possible conspiracy. Soon after Nipsman captured the PokerStars $1,000 Super Tuesday event for $59,040 in June, the news hit the Net. Nipsman was revealed to be just a normal yet poker savvy 19-year-old Florida native, Hayden Fortini. No scandal ensued. Fortini had been smashing the cash games and tournaments at the Isle of Carpi Casino in Pompano Beach ...

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