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Final-Table Takedown -- Daniel Alaei

Daniel Alaei Captures Second World Series of Poker Bracelet

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Aug 21, 2009


Daniel Alaei, from Los Angeles, California, is primarily a high-stakes cash-game player. He began playing big buy-in tournaments in 2004, and since then has captured two World Series of Poker bracelets and won more than $2.5 million in tournaments. He also has appeared on GSN’s High Stakes Poker. Craig Tapscott: What edges are you looking to exploit in Omaha eight-or-better? Daniel Alaei: Well, unlike no-limit hold’em, limit hands, particularly Omaha eight-or-better, don’t share too much “excitement.” That doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting; it just means that your edge comes in your starting-hand selection, as well as in recognizing table dynamics (stack sizes, the blinds, payouts, and so on). CT: Sounds good. DA: This was a tough final table, with Daniel Negreanu, Annie Duke, Scott Clements, and some lesser-known players who play very well. Key Concepts: Opening hand ranges; proper hand selection; knowing when to stick with your hand or fold ...

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