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What Would You Do With a Bracelet?

by Jeff Shulman |  Published: Aug 21, 2009


Have you ever run well for seven days? I just did. Now that I have rested after playing under those heat lamps for days, I can look back and say, “What a ride!” Besides the physical strain, my brain hurts. It is tough picking up aces so much and having them hold up. Of the 15 times that my hand was favored against all-in players, not once did I lose the pot. I even won my races. Even funnier to me is that I made a couple of terrible reads that led to poor calls. Anybody really can win at poker. Although I have my reasons for certain statements I made regarding trash receptacles and jewelry, I may reconsider if the opportunity arises. Do I really want some random person taking the bracelet out of the garbage and selling it for a personal profit? Of course not. So, what should ...

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