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Trying to Flop a Set

Common mental errors

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Aug 21, 2009


The set is the premier hand in deep-stack no-limit hold’em. It is the hand that everyone hopes to get when looking to double their money on one hand. It is also the opposing hand that everyone worries about when holding a solid hand like an overpair. Unlike a flush or a straight, the hand is well-concealed, greatly increasing its moneymaking potential compared to other good hands. One reason that flopping a set is such a celebrated event is its rarity. The odds are a little over 7-1 against doing it when holding a pocket pair. Poker players know that a set is valuable, but many of them burn up too much money going after one. In my opinion, they make two common mental errors when deciding whether or not to call a raise. First, they assume that a set will win. Second, they assume that their set will get paid ...

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