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Playing to Induce

by Dani Stern |  Published: Aug 21, 2009


For one of my recent training videos for Card Player Pro, I reviewed playing in four-bet pots (pots that have been raised, reraised, and reraised again preflop), and how you should adjust your strategy for these situations. In this column, I’m going to look at a four-bet hand in which I think my opponent made a good four-bet adjustment that led to him winning a big pot. In the hand in question, I opened with the 4 3 from the button to $150. My opponent, a very talented and aggressive player, reraised to $600. In high-stakes no-limit hold’em cash games, most solid players are playing upward of 75 percent of their hands from the button — which means that good players will be reraising a ton of hands from the big blind. As a result, I decided to four-bet and made it $1,550 to go. In a vacuum, I expect ...

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