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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Ben Wilinofsky

Ben ‘NeverScaredB’ Wilinofsky Loses Chips in a Tough Spot

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Aug 21, 2009


Craig Tapscott: We’re pretty deep in a PokerStars Sunday major tournament. Has this been an active table? Ben Wilinofsky: No, not really. The table had played pretty tight up until this point. At this stage, with about 200 players remaining, I felt like people would be protecting their tournament lives pretty carefully. NeverScaredB raises to 12,345 from the hijack position (two spots before the button) with the Q 7. Villain calls from the big blind. CT: What’s with this bet-sizing? It’s almost a min-raise. And what are you trying to accomplish with such a speculative hand? BW: I chose this smallish raise size because I felt like people would be making mistakes by playing too tight preflop and post-flop. I don’t think I’m getting flatted [flat-called] a whole lot more often with this small raise size than with a larger one, and it leaves more room for me to make ...

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