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Raising the Minimum Amount

Further clarification of a rule

by Mike O Malley |  Published: Jul 10, 2009


In previous columns, I have written about reopening the betting in no-limit hold’em, and what constitutes a raise. A question that I did not answer in those columns was, “What is the minimum amount that a player can raise?” I recently had a lengthy discussion with an avid reader about this question. Duane Rhodes, a dealer/floorperson at WinStar World Casino, offered to put together a summary of our conversation, and I agreed to use it in this column. “Can I raise?” “What is the minimum raise?” These questions have been the topic of many debates and warrant further rules clarification. Today, the widely accepted standard on the topic is the following rule written by Bob Ciaffone in his popular rulebook, Robert’s Rules of Poker: Multiple all-in wagers, each of an amount too small to qualify as a raise, still act as a raise and reopen the betting if the resulting ...

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