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Winners Push When They Are Winning

Maximize profits now

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jul 10, 2009


“I’ve got to get even” is one of poker’s dumbest statements, and you will often hear it. Countless people simply cannot accept losing, not even for one night, and they will do almost anything to get even. In doing so, they often convert small losses into much larger ones. They become too emotional to see that something is wrong. Perhaps the game is too tough, or they are playing badly, or their bad luck or mistakes have created a weak table image that encourages opponents to take shots at them. They also may have the irrational belief that their luck has got to change. If they are losing too much to get even in their current game, a few losers move to a larger one, ignoring three critical facts: 1. Larger games are generally tougher. 2. They may not be playing their best. 3. If they are known as a ...

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