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Ace High is Often Your Friend

by Evan Roberts |  Published: Jul 10, 2009


In a recent video for Card Player Pro, I reviewed heads-up hands submitted by Card Player Pro members and commented on their play. For this Card Player column, I’ve decided to recap one of these hand reviews that I believe highlights an important concept missed by many low-stakes players, which is: Ace high is often your friend (and the best hand). In the hand in question, our member, a $50 heads-up no-limit hold’em player, was dealt the A Q on the button, and made a normal raise to $1.50. Our opponent, an unknown regular in this game, reraised to a fairly normal $5.50, and we called. I think it’s close between calling and reraising again here, but early in a match, with no real read on how much an opponent reraises, I prefer flat-calling and playing a flop in position. The flop came J 7 4, and our opponent led ...

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