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Orphan Flops

Adopt them

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Jul 10, 2009


To me, the purest form of poker expression is heads-up no-limit hold’em. From a strategy point of view, it offers the greatest opportunity to treat poker like a chess game, and to make moves with both short-term and long-term impact in mind. In this column, I’m going to discuss a common occurrence in heads-up play, and how that occurrence relates to your, and your foe’s, mindset. Much of what I discuss here is situationally applicable to full-ring games, especially reasonably tight ones in which most players fold preflop, and I encourage you to extrapolate accordingly. But at the same time, I encourage you to examine your feelings about heads-up play, because many players have a real prejudice against it, a prejudice that I find unfounded … wrongheaded, even. They feel that by playing heads up, they’re placing themselves at the mercy of a single foe. Is this thinking not exactly ...

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