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Capture the Flag: Steve Billirakis

|  Published: Jul 10, 2009


Steve Billirakis became a known, feared player in the game long before turning 21, under the screen name “mrsmokey1” online. Shortly thereafter, he won a World Series of Poker event, making him the youngest bracelet winner in history. Since then, he’s continued making major live-tournament cashes, but his main source of income is dominating high-stakes cash games. These days, Billirakis can be found playing anything from $400-$800 mixed games to $100-$200 pot-limit Omaha or no-limit hold’em. Kristy Arnett: You mentioned that when you first started playing cash games, you lost. Were you ever close to quitting? Steve Billirakis: No, I was never close to quitting. I just had to start playing tighter. Whenever you make a mistake, or lose money, you need to sit there and think about the hand, and why you lost, and what you should have done differently. Also, watch the players who win in the game ...

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