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Does Shorthanded Play Affect Blinds Defense?

It’s all about hand ranges

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jul 10, 2009


Blinds stealing and blinds defense. What hands should I steal with and defend with? Should I steal and defend more when shorthanded? What factors affect whether or not I try a blinds steal or defend my blinds? These questions are extremely common. I am asked them in many forms. Unfortunately, a complete answer could fill a book, and it’s not a book that I’m particularly inclined to write. So, instead, I’ll answer a single question here from Jim, one of my readers: I have a question, Ed, concerning full-ring and shorthanded blinds defense. Do the requirements for blinds steals/defenses change at all between the two games? The short answer is that the requirements do, and don’t, change. The short answer is never very informative, is it? How’s this: They don’t change from a theoretical perspective, and they do change from a practical perspective. It’s not a 100 percent accurate answer, ...

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