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Triple-Draw Lowball: Part II

Common mistakes

by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: Jul 10, 2009


Last time, the description of triple-draw lowball began. I discussed the high-stakes origins of the game and how it has become a game for the masses on the Internet. I described hand rankings and how to play, and concluded with some common mistakes made by beginners. A big mistake is playing triple-draw as if it were single-draw. I have seen a player open-raise with a 10-9 (or even a J-10), and play the hand pat against three opponents for three drawing rounds. Yes, I have seen someone win in this situation, but that is extremely rare. A 10-9 wouldn’t fare well against three opponents in a single-draw game, but at least it would have a slight chance. Against even one opponent having three draws, a 10-9 is a huge dog. Even an 8-7 against three opponents drawing three cards and continuing on for three more rounds is a decided underdog. ...

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