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Max To Write for the Barstow Bugle

But don’t tell Barry Shulman

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Jun 22, 2009


The phone rang. It was Big Denny, and I feared the worst, but for once he wasn’t threatening me. “Hey, Maxey,” he said, “how’s about comin’ up ta Barstow? I got somet’in dat might interest ya.” I sighed. “Look, Denny, haven’t you fleeced me enough with your crooked games and rigged tournaments? What’s your scheme this time?” “Doesn’t ya trust me, Maxey?” he asked, posing a question I didn’t dare answer. “Look, it’s got nuttin’ ta do wit’ me or da casino. I knows someone who wants ta offer ya a job. Come by an’ I’ll tell ya about it.” I was skeptical but curious, so a few days later I drove up. Denny opened the conversation with a question. “So tell me, Maxey, how much does dat magazine ya works for pay ya?” “_Card Player_? The compensation is … is … adequate,” I muttered. “Yeah, I bet it is. ...

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