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Adapting to a Weak-Loose Field

Know when to modify your strategies

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jun 22, 2009


Conventional poker wisdom dictates that you should play limit hold’em using a tight but aggressive strategy. And that is generally true, particularly if your opponents have a propensity to fold marginal hands. When you play aggressively, some of those folded marginal hands are the best hand, giving you a lot of value. But opponents have various styles; some players do not fold their marginal hands, and good players must adjust to that. One speed or style does not fit all situations. You must know when to change things up, when to modify your strategies, or you will find yourself dazed, confused, and without chips when facing different types of opponents. When I sat down in a $30-$60 limit hold’em game at Bellagio, I intensely focused on analyzing the texture of the game and what plays I could best utilize to acquire value from my opponents’ styles. The game was good, ...

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