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The World Series of Poker — Yesterday and Today

by Justin Marchand |  Published: Jun 22, 2009


The 40th-annual World Series of Poker is under way as we go to press, and once again Las Vegas is the world’s center of poker action. To commemorate this special anniversary, Card Player is pleased to honor Jack Binion in this issue. Jack helped in the evolution of poker from a kitchen-table game to a staple in casinos, and is the father of the World Series of Poker. Without his dedication and passion for poker, we could easily be without our industry’s most important event. When Jack helped kick off the WSOP in 1970, the minimum wage was $1.60 and the average American household income was less than $9,000 a year. Yet, a collection of high-stakes gamblers gathered at the Horseshoe Casino, played poker for tens of thousands of dollars, and kicked off what would become the longest-running, largest, richest, and most prestigious gaming event in the world. The Horseshoe, ...

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