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They Can’t Call if You Don’t Bet

by Andrew Arnott |  Published: Jun 22, 2009


Nobody likes throwing away something pretty. Heck, my garden shed is full of old junk that I can’t bear to part with. Fortunately, though, I’ve learned to keep my nostalgic side away from the poker table — because when you just can’t let go, it’s your cash that will be swept out from under you. Fortunately for us, our opponents just love the look of those big hands they play preflop. They don’t want to let them go, even though they’ll be beat more often than not. So, it’s our job to take advantage of their love affair with those missed overcards and charge them a premium to show them down. Take the example of a hand I played in Part III of my CardPlayer Pro series Falling Upwards. I’m five-handed at a PokerStars $50 no-limit hold’em table, in the cutoff with the J J, and I flat-call a raise ...

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