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Grandstand Overbets

A dynamic and interesting strategy

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Jun 22, 2009


I recently found myself in a cardroom where the only game being spread was $1-$2 blinds no-limit Texas hold’em, nine-handed. This is not my first choice of games; these days, I’d rather play higher, and shorthanded. But as everyone who’s sick with it knows, a bad poker game is better than no poker game. Being sick with it, of course I plunked myself down to play. One of the first things I do in any new game is note the going rate for raises. While we all know that three times the big blind is a standard raise for many players, each game has its own dynamics. In some games, an opening raise of five times the big blind might draw five callers, while in others, a min-raise — a mere doubling of the big blind — might fold the field. In this game, it quickly became clear to me ...

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