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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Alex Fitzgerald

Stuck Out of Position Versus a Loose Cannon in the EPT San Remo Championship

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 22, 2009


Craig Tapscott: You’re down to the final three tables and you were recently moved to the TV table. Do you have any read at this point on one of the chip leaders, Constant Rijkenberg? Alex Fitzgerald: From what I can tell, Rijkenberg has been playing a ton of pots. Every time I looked up from my other table, he was involved. I know that he’s not afraid to play big pots. However, it also seems like he has been incredibly spewy. He doesn’t shut down in spots where it’s plainly obvious that he should. He is the definition of a loose cannon. Rijkenberg raises from the button to 40,000. Fitzgerald looks down at the A 6 in the big blind. CT: If this were online, I know you would at least call with the ace, with the raise coming from the button. What are the options versus this obviously loose-aggressive ...

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